The Jelly Fishband was so named when the craft Gust ‘o Dust ran aground of a sandbar in the Lucidian Ocean in 18 ABV. In the dark, the fated survivors swam alongside a bobbing rope of glowing jellies that led them to over a mile to a craggy island.

Mundir, Naj, and Bekharis spent that first night silently watching on as the ship's crumbling embers were extinguished off in the horizon. Their next days were spent in angry debate as excursions into the island revealed no wildlife or vegetation.

Two years on, the three have become like family. Bekh ruefully recalls that he had once considered killing them and eating them on that rock, but raiding the first ship that found them had set them up with serious coin and they have used it since to establish themselves as major traders in eastern Tal'Dorei.

The Jelly Fishband is known from Stillben to Whitestone, to Kymal. Their colloquial name is "the spice merchants," as talk of jellyfish tends to be dismissed as often as confused. The three have been joined by Young Cerig of Syngorn, an agent of High Warden Tirelda. He opens doors that otherwise would remain closed in exchange for the cut of profits that he sends back to the Verdant Expanse.