Mundir Hafiz is the wayward prince of King Bertrand Dwendal of the Dwendalian Empire. Saved in childhood from an orphanage, Mundir spent his formative years not in the seedy streets of the capital but in the gilded halls of its palace. There, he learned how to navigate the politics of realms and the relationship between status and money.


Mundir tested Bertrand's patience for years, egging on his ambitious courtiers and courting the ladies and lords of the realm both married and unmarried. Threatened with expulsion, Mundir persisted in the confidence that he could read his situation.

It was with some bemusement that he awoke at the age of 19 to the embrace of city guard and the silent, stoney expression of those who were once his friends. He glowered at each one in turn as he passed them underneat the antechamber balcony; he would return one day to sour their smiles.

Mundir has always been a consumate survivor. He knew that knives would soon follow his exile, so he fled west to the city of Port Damali. He hid there among the Myriad for years and built new connections. At age 32, he boarded a ship enroute to Stillben. He had heard of the fortunes of Tal'Dorei and wanted to start anew.

The sinking of the Gust o' Wind changed his life again. Mundir bonded with fellow survivors Naj and Bekharis and plotted with them to mutiny the ship that came to rescue them. Years later, their band (the Jelly Fishband), has developed contacts and trade across eastern Tal'Dorei and is famoulsy skilled in survival and diplomacy both. Mundir could not be happier, as he now plays his charm against wildly diverse peoples.


  • Mundir left Westruun one month ago with the Jelly Fishband. He laments having to come to Jorenn Village, a town he considers to be an abject bore of a place ... but its growing population and workforce has meant increased profits. It cannot compare to Whitestone, but it is in the path.